Easter Keepsakes

Written by Taleah de Fontenelle

Easter Keepsakes

Easter is a wonderful time of year to give gifts to your loved ones. There's no better way to surprise your little one this Easter than with a unique Keepsake Box filled with goodies. 

We've put together a little list of cherished items (and some easy shopping links) that we think are perfect to keep in your Easter Keepsake Box:


  First Easter Outfit

  Dippy Egg & Soldier Board

 Easter Photo Plaque

 Easter Eggs

 My First Easter Plaque

 Easter Basket Tags

 Precious photographs stored on a USB

 New pyjamas

 Easter Keepsakes

 Easter Egg Hunt Sign

 Easter Bunny Ears

Easter can also often call for celebratory gifts, decorations and activities and one way to ensure that all of those meaningful items are remembered for years to come is to create a Keepsake Box filled with your Easter memories.

Here are some ideas on how to make your Easter Keepsake Box special and full of items that you can cherish for a long time:


 Easter Cards

 Easter Baskets

 Easter Decorations

 Easter Crafts

 Easter Photos


No matter what you decide to put in your Easter Keepsake Box it's sure to be a hit! The perfect way to show your loved one just how special Easter can be.

You can find some more great ideas by clicking here.