Mother's Day Keepsakes

Written by Taleah de Fontenelle


Posted on April 05 2023

Mother's Day Keepsakes

Mother's Day is a special occasion to celebrate and honour the most important women in your life. It's a time to show your love and appreciation for all the sacrifices, care, and affection that they have given you.

Our Keepsake Boxes are a beautiful, thoughtful gift that can preserve your precious memories together, and help you hold onto the things that matter most to you, safely for a lifetime.

On their own, our Keepsake Boxes are lovely but when you add your personal touch, add your most treasured moments, well it turns it into something truly special for you or a loved-one in your life.

We've put together a little list of cherished items (and some easy shopping links) that we think are perfect to keep in your Mother's Day Keepsake Box;


  Fill it with your children's artwork, special school books, photographs of the grandkids all together

  Her special keepsakes to pass onto her children or grandkids

  A personalised jewellery box filled with her heirloom jewellery

  Her favourite recipes

  A special handwritten card from her grandkids

 Letters and special cards she's kept over the years

 Precious photographs stored on a USB

 A photo plaque with a special message 

 Special memories like a plane ticket from a trip you took together

 Sentimental trinkets or family heirlooms 


We hope these ideas inspire you, enjoy creating a beautiful and meaningful gift for the special Mama's in your life.

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