Travel Keepsakes

Written by Taleah de Fontenelle

Travel Keepsakes

Traveling is a magical experience that enriches our lives with unforgettable memories and cherished moments. Exploring new landscapes, savouring delicious cuisine, and immersing ourselves and our kids in diverse cultures create lasting impressions.

One of the best ways to preserve these precious travel keepsakes is through a beautiful keepsake box. Inspired by our recent family trip to France, we discovered the value of such a box in safeguarding our most treasured mementos.

In this blog post, we'll explore the items that make a keepsake box truly special and the significance of holding onto these memories for generations to come.

We've put together a little list of cherished items (and some easy shopping links) that we think are perfect to keep in your Travel Keepsake Box;



 Photographs/ Photo Album/ Personalised USB


Maps and tickets (trains, buses, metros)

 Dinner menus and receipts

 Pressed flowers and leaves

 Drawings from the kids

 Travel Journal



 We hope these ideas inspire you, enjoy creating a beautiful and meaningful keepsake box to treasure those special trips for generations.

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